Tannoor grill restaurant

1000% YES! First of all let me start off by saying my Yemini and Jordanian friends go here before they go anywhere else in the greater Memphis area- so you KNOW it’s good. And for the price.. unbelievable.
They have an all-you-can-eat buffet for lunch and dinner, and I have yet to try something I don’t like from it. It has lots of traditional faves like hummus, babaganoush, pickled grape leaves roll(not sure on the name), and tabouleh *heart eyes*. I love it all so much. Then- they come around to your table with various kinds of chicken and beef on skewers and MAN it is delicious. At the end, you are treated with a grilled pineapple and cinnamon… which is seriously to die for.
I’ve been here twice, but I am praying I get another chance before we move outta this city